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Wednesday, November 30, 2022
DREAM - Design and development of REAlistic food Models with well-characterised micro- and macro-structure and composition


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Date 07-Oct-2010 until 08-Oct-2010
Event Title 3rd International Technology Transfer Conference
Location Ljubljana and Maribor, Slovenia
Contact Person lidija.basa@bf.uni-lj.si
The 3rd Technology Transfer Conference started on “Jožef Stefan” Institute in Ljubljana on 7th October 2010 and continued at University of Maribor on 8th October 2010. The event’s lectures highlighted the importance and necessity of the successful technology transfer and dissemination process in today’s competitive world. After the grand opening performed by prof. dr. Jadran Lenarčič, director of “Jožef Stefan” Institute there were conducted several lecturers focusing on TT theory and its relations to industry including mechanisms and sources of funding. After lecturers focusing on theoretical ground of TT the word of speech moved toward examples of good practices of TT in Slovenia. Special attention was given to session focusing on Youth and TT, where the best presented invention received respectable award. The second day of the event moved to Maribor where the lectures, by highly recognizable experts from the field of TT, were conducted. They shared their experiences and knowledge on optimization, networking, and systems & tools that are crucial for successful technology transfer organization. DREAM EU 7FP funded research project focusing on food modeling was at 3rd Technology Transfer Conference held in Slovenia presented trough distributed flyers.
More information about the event available at http://tehnologije.ijs.si/technology-transfer-conference-2010/index.html
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