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Monday, January 30, 2023
DREAM - Design and development of REAlistic food Models with well-characterised micro- and macro-structure and composition


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 Opening lecture
Lecture Title Introduction: Searching for opportunity: Models as a tool or solution
Author(s) Monique Axelos (insted of Peter Raspor)
Lecture Title Modeling contribution to food science and industrial innovation
Author(s) Monique Axelos
Session 1- Food process-structure relationships
Lecture Title Food process-structure relationships of cereal based product
Author(s) Maud Laungton
Lecture Title Effects of fibre and baking conditions on a digestive biscuit model product
Author(s) Martin Whitworth, Lucio Cicerelli
Lecture Title Impact of particle size on bioprocess-induced changes on technological and nutritional properties of wheat bran
Author(s) Rossana Coda, Carlo G. Rizzello, Kaisa Poutanen, Kati Katina
Lecture Title Effect of moisture and temperature distribution on dried food Microstucture and Porosity
Author(s) Mohammad Uzzal Hossain Joardder, Azharul Karim,niversity, Chandan Kumar
Lecture Title Microstructure set up of neutral dairy desserts
Author(s) Anne Matignon, Gabrielle Moulin, Philippe Barey, Stéphane Mauduit, Marc Desprairies, Jean Marc Sieffermann, Camille Michon
Lecture Title Impact of an addition of phospholipids as emulsifiers on structural and rheological and sensory properties of a cream cheese model
Author(s) Aliénor Coutouly, Alain Riaublanc, Isabelle Gaucher, Monique Axelos
Lecture Title Rheo-optical studies of complex fluids under thermo-mechanical treatments using confocal microscopy
Author(s) Boitte Jean-Baptiste, Benyahia Lazhar, Hayert Murielle and Michon Camille
Session 2 - Food structure – function relationships
Lecture Title Structure-function studies of plant food polysaccharides in relation to the bioaccessibility and digestion of macronutrients
Author(s) Peter Ellis
Lecture Title Fiber-enriched gluten-free cake formulations containing hazelnut skin
Author(s) Gamze Yazar, Seher Kumcuoglu, Sebnem Tavman
Lecture Title Are the interfacial layer, unadsorbed protein emulsifiers and PUFA carrying molecules key factors for the development of oxidation in oil-in-water emulsions?
Author(s) Claude Genot, Claire Berton, Tin-Hinan Kabri, Marie-Hélène Ropers, Anne Meynier
Lecture Title Food safety and risk management: Learning from other disciplines and from crises
Author(s) Wolfgang Kneifel
Lecture Title Plant cell walls as barriers to lipid bioaccessibility in a model lipid-rich plant food
Author(s) Myriam Grundy, Terri Grassby, Peter Wilde, Giusy Mandalari, Mary Parker, Keith W. Waldron, Peter J. Butterworth, Sarah E.E. Berry, Peter R. Ellis
Lecture Title Relationships between the structural and biochemical traits with the nutritional value of meat upon cooking
Author(s) Rey F, Astruc T, Aubry L, Gobert M, Daudin, JD, Vénien A, Realini C, Santé-Lhoutellier V
Lecture Title Image analysis of cheese microstructure and diffusion properties of solutes: An important link to understand cheese ripening mechanisms
Author(s) Juliana Valle Costa Silva, Chantal Cauty, David Legland, Sylvie Lortal and Juliane Floury
Lecture Title The effect of fibre particle size reduction on the microstructural, mechanical and functional properties of cellular solid food foams
Author(s) Nesli Sozer, Lucio Cicerelli, Kaisa Poutanen
Session 3- Food modeling
Lecture Title Towards a novel generation of predictive models for food safety and quality: bridging the gaps in a multi-scale systems approach
Author(s) Jan Van Impe
Lecture Title Coupling deterministic and random sequential approaches for structure and texture prediction of a dairy oil-in-water emulsion
Author(s) Etienne Descamps, Nathalie Perrot, Sebastien Gaucel, Cristian Trelea, Alain Riaublanc, Alan Mackie, Evelyne Lutton
Lecture Title Food model exploration through evolutionary optimization coupled with visualization: application to the prediction of a milk gel structure
Author(s) Lutton E, Tonda A, Gaucel C, Foucquier J, Riaublanc A, Perrot N
Lecture Title Modelling oxidation and denaturation of meat proteins during cooking
Author(s) Promeyrat A, Gatellier P, Broyart B, Kondjoyan A, Daudin JD
Lecture Title Modelling the fate of glucosinolates during thermal treatment in different Brassicaceae
Author(s) Sarvan I, Verkerk R, Dekker M
Lecture Title Rheological model of digestive–type Biscuits
Author(s) Baldino N, de Cindio B, Gabriele D, Lupi FR, Seta L, Cicerelli L
Lecture Title Industry guide for Food Modelling
Author(s) András Sebok, Csaba Baár, Ágnes Gyúró
Closing lecture
Lecture Title Added value food processing
Author(s) Lilia Ahrné
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