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Friday, June 02, 2023
DREAM - Design and development of REAlistic food Models with well-characterised micro- and macro-structure and composition


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WP4 — Combined gelled / dispersed / aerated systems model



Leader: Alan Mackie

Contact details:

Address: Institute of Food Research (IFR)
Country: United Kingdom
Email: alan.mackie@ifr.ac.uk
Phone: +44 16 03 25 52 61

Activity type: RTD
Participants short name:INRA, ACTILAIT, IFR, Teagasc, TIFN, SOREDAB, VTT

• Well characterised, realistic, food models for gelled/dispersed/aerated food systems that can serve as tools for harmonising food quality, safety and nutrition research on these types of food products.
• Mathematical models that will relate model composition such as fat content and processing to model functionality such as nutrient release and texture.

Role of participants and methodology:
IFR (WP) leader: Alan Mackie (IFR) will provide the basic starting model and a post-doc will be recruited to investigate the effect of emulsifier type and concentration.
Other contributors: In this WP INRA in Nantes will work in Task 4.1 on the structural and rheological characterization of model emulsions with different fatty acid composition and polysaccharide content. This work will be done in connection with IFR and SOREDAB, a PhD student will be recruited and will spend time with a number of the partners involved in the subtask. As outlined above VTT will study the influence of
cross-linking enzymes in protein stabilised systems. ACTILAIT, Teagasc and TIFN will work on two (conventional and non-conventional) cheese models that will provide a broadly applicable cheese model.

Work breakdown:
Task T4.1: Production and initial characterisation of gelled/dispersed/aerated model (IFR, INRA, VTT, SOREDAB)
Task T4.2: Production and initial characterisation of cheese model (Teagasc, TIFN, ACTILAIT)

D4.1: Outline protocols for production of one soft cheese and one hard cheese meeting the criteria agreed with WP1. M6
D4.2: Outline protocols for production a dispersion matrix meeting the criteria agreed with WP1. M9
D4.3: Final protocols for one matrix from each task to meet the initial criteria set by WP1. M24
D4.4: Primary "dessert" model developed and characterised. M36.
D4.5: Two primary cheese models developed and characterised. M40.

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