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Friday, June 02, 2023
DREAM - Design and development of REAlistic food Models with well-characterised micro- and macro-structure and composition


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WP8 — Dissemination & training  


Leader: Peter Raspor

Contact details:

Address: Head of Chair of Biotechnology, Microbiology and Food Safety, Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana Jamnikarjeva 101, 1000 Ljubljana
Country: Slovenia
Email: peter.raspor@bf.uni-lj.si
Phone: +38 61 32 03 75 0

Activity type: Dissemination
Participants short name:INRA, ADRIA, CCFRA, CC HU, ACTILAIT, Teagasc, UL

• Make the best possible use of the project results by the food industry and concerned authorities
• Ensure fruitful exchange with the scientific community, including individual scientists and initiatives.
• Inform European citizens about the societal stakes of the project and the way their money is used.

Role of participants and methodology:
UL (WP leader): will disseminate to the scientific community, ensure training and career development and communicate with the general public.
ADRIA: will (i) coordinate the up-date of SYM’PREVIUS predictive microbiology database and software, (ii) promote DREAM food models as standardised matrices for the validation studies of alternative method in microbiology through the involvement in the ISO working group SC9/WG3 “Method validation”, (iii) ensure R&D results dissemination to food industries (expert courses, training programs, guides) and the scientific communities (publications, conferences, workshops).
CC HU: will be responsible for organising the contacts with the National Technology Platforms, for compiling the information package for them, developing a training package on the DREAM models based on the industry guide and carry out at lest 2 demonstration seminars. It will also contribute to the training of young participants with subjects on SMEs aspects and industrial quality management.
INRA: will promote DREAM towards EU concerned authorities as well as the scientific community with special efforts paid to relevant EU funded projects (cf subsection 3.3).
ACTILAIT: (i) will contact AFSSA to present the cheese model for testing dangerous bacteria (the most important is Listeria monocytogenes), (ii) will present (with MFRC and TIFN) a paper in Journal of Food Protection on the use of cheese models with Listeria, (iii) will present the cheese models to the french cheese SMEs (about 200) with which they work, (iv) will organise an open meeting in France.
MFRC: will present the cheese models to the Irish SMEs, will organise the Cheese Symposium at Cork, will present (with ACTILAIT and TIFN) a paper in Journal of Food Protection on the use of cheese models with Listeria
CCFRA: Dissemination to the industry.

Work breakdown:
Task T8.1: Dissemination to the industry and food authorities
Task T8.2: Dissemination to the scientific community
Task T8.3: Training and career development
Task T8.4: Communication with the general public

D8.1: DREAM website. M3
D8.2: Scientific workshop. M18.
D8.3: Training session for industrialists. M30.
D8.4: International conference. M44.
D8.5: Report on the operation of the industry working parties. M45.

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